Principal:           Rio Tinto
Client:                NRW
Location:           Pilbara, Western Australia
Status:               In-Progress

Survey Dynamics has been contracted as the preferred surveyor for construction of the Rio Tinto Gudai-Darri Solar farm project. The project will see the installation of 11,000 piles, 81,000 solar panels, 12 inverters, a 33KV substation, Storage sheds, Weather stations and multiple other structures. This will in return produce 35MW to facilitate power to Rio Tinto’s newly constructed Gudai-Darri mine.

Survey Dynamics plays a pivotal role in the “Design and Construct” project, ensuring construction of the Solar Farm and structures conforms to the design and manufacturers standards. The Scope of works include.

  • Installation of control and GPS network
  • Setting out of concrete pedestals and cast in bolts to accommodate module installations of Substation and inverters
  • Setting out for a complex trenching network which will host over 169Km of electrical and communication cable
  • Provide a weekly as constructed report on all services installed
  • As constructed reporting on all structure’s pre-pours and post-pours
  • Check and Produce conformance report on installation of Piers and subcontractor works
  • Assistance and advice on design and placement of structures and services.
  • On site material volume reporting