Principal:            BHP
Client:                 NRW
Location:            Pilbara Region, Western Australia
Status:                In-Progress

South Flank is a BHP iron ore mine located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 156 kilometres northwest of Newman. Survey Dynamics are currently providing survey to both South Flank Earthworks and MAC Bulk Earthworks, as follows:


Scope of works for the South Flank earthworks include:

  • Upgrade of the CV413 drainage along the eastern side of the conveyor.
  • Working alongside other contractors onsite to assist in setting out concrete maintenance pads along the CV411, CV412 and CV413
  • Redesign of the CV412 substation pad to assist in correct flow of drainage
  • Setout culverts alongside the CV411, 412 and 413 for rock pitching.
  • General clean-up of pads alongside the MEM access Road and CV412

Surveying duties for these tasks include:

  • Survey pick up of existing drains and pads
  • Re-Design to suit the client’s needs
  • making machine control files for Trimble, Leica, and Topcon machines
  • As-builts on completed pads and drains

Scope of works for MAC Bulk Earthworks includes:

  • Design and set out of machine pads and crane pads spread across MAC area to install concrete pads
  • Guard Rail Setout
  • Flood Repair of the LV tunnel under the rail into the MAC area
  • Removal of common fill ramps alongside the conveyor line
  • Set out of Service marker locations
  • General clean-up of required culverts to install rock pitching

Surveying duties for these tasks:

  • Survey pick up of existing surface for required pads alongside the conveyor
  • Re-design LV tunnel drainage to include flumes to control the flow of water
  • Re-design surface to suit levels for concrete
  • Designing machine control files for Trimble, Leica, and Topcon machines
  • Setting out required Service marker blocks in various locations around the MAC area
  • Marking out services alongside the conveyor to indicate locations before works commence.
  • Setting out required culverts for reworks north of the conveyor
  • Processing as-built reports for the clients before concrete works commence or to be signed off